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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Fluorocarbon strings special?

Ukulele strings made from Fluorocarbon tolerate changes of temperature and humidity better, which make them more durable than regular Nylon strings, perfect for our Canadian weather. They give your Uke a brighter sound and projection. Also it might be just a preference, but the clear colour gives your Uke a nice modern touch.

How often should I change strings?

There’s not a hard rule about this, it will depend on how often you play. All strings by nature, after being subjected to constant tension will occasionally break or lose quality. This can be in as short of one month for hardcore players to one year or more for occasional players. So if you feel that your strings are not holding the tune as they used to or the sound gets less bright and crisp they might be due for a change. Check out our shop to find a string set suitable for you.

Are your strings wound?

Our current product line do not contain any metal wound strings. All our strings are made of 100% fluorocarbon.


Where can I buy Ukustic strings?

Currently, you can buy Ukustic strings only on our site and at Amazon.

How can I pay in your e-shop?

We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, a well-known, trusted, and secure way to make payments over the Internet. 

Shipping & Returns

I made a mistake and ordered a wrong set of strings? May I return them?

If you bought Ukustic ukulele string directly in our shop, we can offer you a refund or exchange for 30 days since your purchase. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition and original packaging that you received it. You are responsible for any return shipping costs.

Please contact us before any returns.

If you bought the strings on Amazon Canada, we are not able to refund you directly. Please refer to Amazon Refund Policy for any returns.

For further information please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy.

What shipping options do you offer?

We sent our products internationally. All our national and international sales are sent with Canada Post. We offer two flat rates – Standard shipping and Tracked shipping. It does not matter if you order one package or more, you’ll never pay more than the flat price per one order.

For larger orders, we recommend using the tracked shipping option.

Do you ship products to my country?

We currently sell and ship through our website only to Canada.