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Ukulele Strings For Real Players

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We believe that music makes people happy. Is there a better way than sharing happiness and love with the most amazing instrument in the world? Grab your uke, equip it with our great Ukustic ukulele strings and play! Anywhere. That’s #UkusticLove.

I can’t rave more about these strings!!!

I've now fallen in love with my concert uke and prefer it with the low-g - but maybe it's just the strings that are making me sing...

Restringing my concert size ukulele was easier than with other types of strings.

I installed Ukustic fluorocarbon strings on one of the ukuleles I built for my wife. The strings have a warm, lively tone and intonate very accurately.

Overall, I'm very happy with these. I'm not sure if I prefer the more guitar like sound or the "ringing" but the feel is better and the volume is much better so it may just take time and experience to adjust. Overall, this is a big upgrade over stock for me. Good luck!

Play More, Waste Less

Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

To reduce our footprint we make our ukulele strings with long lasting quality materials. Each or our string set is carefully measured to avoid waste. Your new strings won’t just last longer, they’ll come in a nice recyclable package.

No plastic wrapping
Minimal packaging

Long Lasting Quality 

Long Lasting Quality 

Long Lasting Quality 

Play Anywhere 

Play Anywhere 

Play Anywhere