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We believe that music makes people happy. Is there a better way than sharing happiness and love with the most amazing instrument in the world? Grab your uke, equip it with our great Ukustic ukulele strings and play! Anywhere. That’s #UkusticLove.

Play More, Waste Less

Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

To reduce our footprint we make our ukulele strings with long lasting quality materials. Each or our string set is carefully measured to avoid waste. Your new strings won’t just last longer, they’ll come in a nice recyclable package.

No plastic
Ukustic cares about our environment
Ukustic strings with labels.

Not Just Amazing Strings

Smart Labeling System

We thought twice when we created our packaging. Our strings are always fresh and they don’t need to be packaged in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. Each of the strings is labelled separately and the label show clearly the name of the string, so you will never confuse your strings again.

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Quality At The First Place

Concert Ready. Always.

We inspect and package every set individually in our location in Toronto, making sure that is up to high standards. If you detect any problem under normal usage, please contact us immediately and we will make things right.

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